DECORATION on fabrics in Bulgarian Medieval Costume


Some information about Bulgarian Medieval Costume details and materials.

Traditional decoration is embroidery – lace and pearls, testified during excavations and plain seen on the frescoes . Purl two types according to the way of production – by passing through the fabric and through attachment on it by an additional thin thread . In XIV century . predominates the second method , wherein the saving of the expensive material .

embroidered tape parallel stitch

Еmbroidered tape parallel stitch.

gold-embroidered pattern

gold-embroidered pattern from Stanichene

pearl embroidery pattern

Pearl embroidery pattern from Veliko Tarnovo

Reasoning as they can recover most are plant or geometric , but there are complex zoomorphic patterns like double-headed eagle of the castle church of Veliko Tarnovo /shown above/. Ordinary embroidery almost did not leave traces in the funerals because of its easy digestion , but some of the best preserved portraits can be viewed in detail. Her colors are blue, gray , black, red , green, and runs not only on level ground , but also on the ornate fabric.


Richly embroidered costume princess or higher aristocrat recovered from Kalotina Church fresco.


List of Bulgarian preserved frescos and portraits from XIII- XIV century

List of Bulgarian preserved frescos and portraits, which were used for our studies of period XIII- XIV century . Some of them are currently located in neighboring countries, but at the time of discharge were all on Bulgarian territory, respectively, are depicted Bulgarian citizens. The full list with details you can find here.

Due to the dynamic historical events in the Balkans and the persistence of the Ottoman imperiya are the reason for us to reach the few monuments of that era, mostly in poor or very poor condition. However, we tracked them and tried to describe, draw and reconstruct their costumes.

Bachkovski Monastery ( ossuary ) – between 1344 and 1364g .
Boyana Church – 1259 XIV century .
Lower Kamenica – 1323 – 1330g .
Zemen Monastery – 1354
Ivanovo Rock Churches – XIII- XIV century .
Kalotina – probably 1331-1337
Karlukovo rock church „St. Nikola“ ( Gligora ) – end of XIII – begg of XIV century.
Karlukovo rock church „St. Marina“ – XIV century .
Perch ( Kastoria ) , „St. Archangels “ – XIII and XIV century .
Nessebar – Church “ John the Baptist “ Portrait from XIV century .
Stanichene – 1331 – 1332g .

Bulgarian Medieval Costume

Zemen monastery fresco