Bulgarian Royal couple from the Boyana Church

Bulgarian Royal Medieval Costumes recovered by freskas in Boyana church with detailed scheme.

Konstantin Asen Tih 
was emperor (tsar) of Bulgaria from 1257 to 1277

Dressed in an early version of the Byzantine Empire loros suit. The name of the costume comes from the Gaza loros adorned with precious stones, which is wrapped around the body, and whose end is worn slung over his arm. It is believed that loros is the successor of the Roman trabea triumfalis – golden purple toga worn by Roman consuls in the opening game or during triumphal processions . (Parani, Maria G., Reconstructing the Reality of Images – Byzantine Material Culture and Religious Iconography (11th-15th Centuries), Leiden, Boston, Brill, 2003) . Byzantium in this version loros lies between the sixth and twelfth centuries , and in Bulgaria and obviously later. Loros of Constantine is painted very detailed and can be seen wrapping around his body, which seems to be modeled after the toga – source ( the second picture) . Main garment – purple is adorned with gold stripes and geometric patterns the same as loros, suggesting that they are designed as a set . Other royal symbols are crown with pearl necklaces ( propenduli ) scepter , red boots with pearl decoration and probably Akaka ( bag of soil ) . Interesting is that the crown is closed and hemispherical . Byzantium this type of crown is worn after the end of the eleventh century in conjunction with the late form of loros suit ( where the gold coast is a hole and put in his head , rather than wrapped around the body).


Irina Laskaris
Konstantin married Irene of Nicaea, a daughter of emperor Theodore II Doukas Laskaris

Unlike her colleagues Byzantine queen bears no loros . Her costume consists of a purple robe, fastened with two large pins, scepter , crown and necklace close to the neck. The crown is relatively low, in the bottom of fabric strips and hair underneath is adorned with pearls . Collar is purple with green embroidery, other than decoration on foot and cuffs . Quite likely to constitute a separate part of the costume , which is worn on the dress. Cloak is trimmed with pearls and precious stones and embroidered with intricate figures for our regret is not visible in its entirety.



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